Entering the Graphene Supply Market

Press Release: 17th February 2014

Perpetuus Carbon Technologies enters graphene supply market.

Perpetuus Carbon Technologies, a part of the Perpetuus Carbon Group based in Ammanford, South West Wales has entered the graphene supply market. Perpetuus have developed the largest environmentally friendly production facilities in Europe and are capable of producing 100 tonnes of high quality graphenes per annum. The business intends to extend its production capacity to 500 tonnes per annum by the end of the year.

Perpetuus specialises in manufacturing surface modified graphene materials to customer specifications. Whilst most producers can only sell functionalised graphene in grams, Perpetuus can provide 50kg batches within 48 hours, and tonne orders within 28 days.

All Perpetuus high quality graphene materials will be offered to customers at £50 per kilogram.

Perpetuus will officially launch its range of specialised surface modified graphenes, together with its application technology and a range of 21st century graphene enabled devices and components at Graphene: Commercialisation and Applications 2014 – Global Industry & Academia Collaboration Summit which takes place on the 25th/26th June 2014
at University Place, The University of Manchester.

Perpetuus Research and Development is the material and application development arm of the Perpetuus Carbon Group. It has made significant progress in developing, probably the most conductive graphene enabled carbon ink currently available in the world. It has also developed application prototype components such as transparent conductive flexible; transparent films capable of replacing ITO; stress strain actuators and printable coatable electrodes for use in lithium Ion batteries.

Perpetuus has invited The Engineer Magazine analysts to visit both its manufacturing, production and device development facilities to independently verify its production claims and authenticate its product development pipeline.

Perpetuus Carbon Group’s website is due to launch mid-March where customers will be able to order graphene materials online. Pre-launch orders will be available to pre-qualified customers. To promote, encourage and accelerate research and development, 100-gram research packs of surface engineered graphenes will be provided to pre-qualified academic students and researchers free of charge. Once the website goes live, students will be invited to register to receive details of this offer.

For further information contact billfriend@perpetuusenergy.com