Perpetuus Carbon Group announces commercial relationship with G24 Power

Press Release: 12th November 2014

UK based Perpetuus Carbon Group and G24 Power Ltd have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, a precursor to a full commercial partnership and manufacturing agreement.

Perpetuus are the world’s largest producer and supplier of high quality, functionalised graphenes. G24 are a world-renowned authority in the dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) market, with expertise in the production of conductive, multifunctional, multilayer coated webs.

Using Perpetuus functionalised graphenes, G24 will produce to order a range of advanced graphene enabled components, in sheet or roll form. G24’s advanced manufacturing equipment enables production capacity of 1000’s of metres of components per month for areas such as:

  • Resistance heating
  • Bio-sensor platforms
  • Barrier packaging
  • Composite physical reinforcements
  • Water treatment
  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell
  • Thermal management and heat dissipation
  • EMI shielding
  • Electrodes for batteries and super capacitors
  • LI-AIR battery cathodes

Thermal conductivity of greater than 500 W/M°K along with surface resistivity of substantially less than 1 Ω/sq, can been achieved on rolls of material, produced at a specific thicknesses, on specified substrates, for components used in aerospace, marine, automotive, energy generation and energy storage industries.

graphene enabled coating equipment

Source: G24 Power – Roll to Roll Coating Equipment


Graphene Enabled Coating on 300mm Sheet

Source: G24 Power – Graphene Enabled Coating on 300mm Sheet

On 19-20th November 2014, Perpetuus and G24 will be exhibiting samples of some of these new graphene-enabled components at IDtechEx Graphene Live! and Printed Electronics USA 2014 in Santa Clara, California. Perpetuus and G24 technology experts will be available to discuss customer specifications and requirements.

John Buckland, CEO of Perpetuus Carbon Group said,

“We were impressed how quickly the technical team at G24 took our graphene enabled compounds and started producing components that can be used in so many exciting areas of industry. Their manufacturing equipment and scientists are first class and I have no doubt our partnership will quickly make us the world’s first manufacturer of graphene enabled components in many market sectors. This new relationship, together with other collaborations sets Perpetuus Carbon Group apart from our competitors as the only business truly able to commercially produce graphene enabled products. Our existing and soon to be expanded facility in South Wales, UK, has the capability to grow into the world’s first centre for manufacturing graphene enabled products. Taken together with exciting advances in R&D at the Institute of Graphene at Manchester University, we believe that George Osborne’s vision of the UK being the powerhouse of graphene technology will soon become a reality”.

Richard Costello, CEO of G24 Power said,

“G24 are known the world over for excellence in the field of DSSC PV technology. Our expertise in this regard has delivered a capability to produce high-speed, roll-to-roll, precision thickness coatings. Working with Perpetuus we have configured our production equipment to manufacture graphene-enabled coatings and films to precise specifications. We can therefore produce to order a range of components and applications for the automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics, as well as other market sectors. With Perpetuus producing commercial quantities of functionalised graphenes we are perfectly placed to supply the global market with these exciting new products.”

Notes for editors

Until recently graphene production has been limited to outputs of grams per week and as a consequence graphene remains one of the most expensive materials by weight known to man. When it comes to utilising graphene on a large scale, industry and researchers all over the world have been frustrated and often held back by the same problems – no large volume sources, no reliable suppliers of inexpensive, high quality materials and graphene’s tendency to agglomerate, which causes significant reduction in potential surface area, often meaning their graphenes cannot be processed.

The Perpetuus dielectric barrier discharge plasma method of production, overcomes the historical problems and now produces friable sub stacks of single, bi and tri-layer graphenes, with nano engineered surfaces, enhanced with the functionalities that provide both ease of dispersion and covalent bonding within any chosen matrix. The Perpetuus plant in South Wales, UK can provide more than 100 tonnes of graphenes per annum and is the only graphene production unit anywhere in the world, where its production capacity has been independently verified – a task that was undertaken by work-study experts Scott-Grant and Auditors Grant Thornton in August of this year.


About Perpetuus Carbon Group Ltd

For any company to be successful in the commercialisation of graphene materials they need to offer ALL the following features to a customer:

  • Functionalisation by implanting a variety of chemical groups onto and within graphenes to nano surface modify graphene to customer specifications.
  • Reliable and consistent supply of high quality graphenes for R&D.
  • Immediate availability of materials in grams and kilos.
  • Rapid delivery of tonnes rather than grams.
  • Production in Commercial quantities.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • An environmentally friendly production process (this will become more relevant as the industry expands).
  • Environmental impact studies and life cycle analysis on all outputs and by-products.
  • Comprehensive and reliable characterisation data.
  • Manageable, transportable, user-friendly graphene presented in ‘stacks’. (Graphenes as single layers are invisible to the naked eye and cannot be packaged or handled).

Perpetuus offer all the above to its customers. Perpetuus are not aware of any other business in the world who can offer the full range of these goods and services to its customers and therefore we believe, we, a British Company, are the world’s leading producer and supplier of high quality nano surfaced engineered graphenes.

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