Industrial Collaboration with Cientifica Announced

Press Release: 2nd June 2014

Perpetuus Carbon Group announces a new industrial collaboration with Cientifica to develop graphene-based products.

UK Company, Perpetuus Carbon Group, the world’s largest producer of nano surface modified graphenes has entered into a development agreement with Cientifica PLC. Perpetuus will be exhibiting a number of graphene-based products, including Cientifica’s infrared heating technology at the 2nd Annual Graphene Supply, Application and Commercialisation Conference in Manchester.

The flat panel heaters (patent pending) make use of graphenes to emit infra red light at wavelengths precisely tailored for maximum comfort and minimum energy use. G-Heat infrared heating technology allows users to maintain the same levels of comfort, whilst using up to 70% less energy than conventional heaters.

Tim Harper, CEO of Cientifica PLC explained,

“For graphene enabled- products to be commercially viable, we had to find a company that can supply tonnes rather than grams per week, of consistent quality materials at competitive prices. Perpetuus will design the graphene-enabled components and then supply the materials we need to manufacture our products. Using a ‘partnering approach’ to the development process, we have been able to quickly incorporate the appropriate functionalised graphene material into our products. We believe this collaboration will allow us to bring forward the launch of our infra red heating product range by as much as three months.”

“As many of the graphene enabled applications under development at Cientifica are in environmental areas, health, safety, so life cycle analysis is of paramount importance. Perpetuus provide graphenes that have been produced in a dry, environmentally friendly manner, unlike many other graphene suppliers who use acids and surfactants, which leaves behind toxic by-products. We believe Cientifica customers want to understand the lifecycle and end of life issues associated with products made with advanced materials. Perpetuus’ work in this area is important to the future commercial success of Cientifica graphene enabled products”.

Perpetuus’ proprietary technology allows it to populate a variety of chemical groups onto and within the nano structure of graphenes to a customer’s precise specification and deliver in kilos and tonnes.

Ian Walters of Perpetuus commented,

“Working with third parties such as Cientifica allows us to develop other real-world graphene enabled commercial applications far quicker than would otherwise be possible. Employing a partnering approach with product manufacturers allows rapid iteration and speeds up the pace of product development.
Cientifica’s philosophy of ensuring their customers are aware of the environmental and safety issues is congruent with Perpetuus business values and we hope Cientifica can take full advantage of their first mover position. They have a long list of products they would like to bring to market and we hope we can play an effective role in their future plans”.

For further information contact:

Blytheweigh 020 7138 3204; Tim Blythe, Halimah Hussain, Alex Shilov