Perpetuus Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor

Independent Verification of Production Capacity for Graphenes of 140 Tonnes per Annum

Press Release: 3rd October 2014

Perpetuus Carbon Group Announce the Independent Verification of their Production Capacity for Graphenes of 140 Tonnes per Annum

UK based Perpetuus Carbon Group, the world’s largest producer of purified and functionalised graphene, are pleased to announce the results of an independent verification of their graphene material production.

Industrial process experts Scott Grant, with Grant Thornton Accountants in attendance, conducted an independent work-study in September 2014. The aim of this study was to ascertain the annual production capacity of the Perpetuus Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor.

Using a measurement study that complied with BS 3138:1992, the conclusion of the study was that the annual theoretical capacity, running 30kg batches of raw graphite, is 140 tonnes per annum from a single reactor.

During the quantity audit, two 30kg batches of graphene stacks, surface-engineered with 3% oxygen functionalities, were produced and randomly sealed samples were taken for independent quality testing. Both Swansea University and the National Graphene Institute in Manchester have been independently commissioned to formally characterize the material from Scott Grant’s quantity work-study. This was also audited by Grant Thornton Accountants. The material characterization results will be published on the Perpetuus web site within the next six weeks.

Input Material – Graphite. Output Material – Graphene Nanoplatelet ‘Stacks’ (10µm scale) Image credit – Swansea University

Input Material – Graphite. Output Material – Graphene Nanoplatelet ‘Stacks’ (10µm scale)
Image credit – Swansea University

Perpetuus are the first business to submit themselves for independent material testing by the Graphene Characterization and Standardization Services (GCSS) run by Graphene Enterprise Award 2014 winner, Antonios Oikonomou, based at the National Graphene Institute, Manchester.

The consistently high quality of materials, together with immediate availability of commercial quantities, has in the last year resulted in over 200 R&D customer orders of Perpetuus graphenes. The ability to specify exact surface engineering requirements has enabled customers from Japan, Korea, the EU and USA to rapidly move towards the commercialization of their ‘graphene enabled’ products.

Perpetuus Chief Executive, John Buckland said, “Hype and misinformation is one of the biggest problems facing the graphene industry. It is our hope that by being the first business to allow third parties to independently audit and verify the quantity of our production and the quality characteristics of our graphene materials, it will encourage others in our industry to follow suit. The market for graphenes has reached a tipping point and genuine enquiries from industry are at an all-time high and rapidly increasing. However, we know from our customers, they will only commit to R&D if they have confidence that they can obtain commercial quantities of high quality functionalised materials when they are ready to shift to commercial scale production”.

Perpetuus Director, Ian Walters said, “We hope our open and transparent approach to current graphene industry capabilities will enhance our reputation as an authority in the commercialisation of graphenes. The rise of customer confidence in Perpetuus requires us to commission three new reactors with enhanced technical and production capacity and move into new premises early in 2015”.

About Perpetuus Carbon Group Ltd

For any company to be successful in the commercialisation of graphene-based materials they need to offer ALL the following features to customers:

  • Functionalization by implanting a variety of chemical groups onto and within graphenes, in order to surface-modify graphenes to suit customer specifications.
  • Reliable and consistent supply of high quality graphenes for R&D.
  • Immediate availability of materials in grams and kilos.
  • Rapid delivery of tonnes rather than grams.
  • Commercial quantities.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • An environmentally friendly production process (this will become more relevant as the industry expands).
  • Environmental impact studies and life cycle analysis on all outputs and by-products.
  • Comprehensive and reliable characterization data.
  • Manageable, transportable, user-friendly graphene presented in ‘stacks’. (Graphenes as single layers are invisible to the naked eye and cannot be packaged or handled).

Perpetuus offer all the above to their customers.

Perpetuus are not aware of any other business in the world that can offer the full range of these goods and services to their customers and therefore we believe that we are the world’s leading producer and supplier of high quality nano surface-engineered graphenes.

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