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Japan’s Graphene Platform Corporation signs preliminary agreement to purchase DBD Plasma Reactors from Perpetuus Advanced Materials

The Tokyo-based producer of graphenes intends to use the Perpetuus DBD Plasma Reactor technology to manufacture functionalised graphenes in SE Asia.

Perpetuus Advanced Materials, a British company at the forefront of advanced material development, located in Ammanford, South Wales, announces that, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited, has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding and Heads of Terms Agreement (the “Heads of Terms Agreement”) with Graphene Platform Corporation (“Graphene Platform” or “GPC”), an established, high quality graphene producer. Mr Shoji Hasegawa is the CEO of Graphene Platform, which is headquartered in Tokyo, with research facilities at The Tokyo Institute of Technology in Yokohama.

Graphene Platform has over many years established a proven track record within the R&D community for producing and distributing high quality graphenes for customers, via its network of distributors and agents, in China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Turkey, Europe, the USA and Australia.

A license and royalty agreement (the “License Agreement”) will be entered into in due course, which will enable GPC to purchase Perpetuus’ latest DBD Plasma Reactor technology and manufacture functionalised graphenes.   Using Perpetuus’ latest Plasma DBD Reactors, it is expected that GPC will manufacture and supply 100’s of tonnes of plasma functionalised graphenes to its Far East customer base, allowing them to progress from R&D to commercialisation in the enhanced composite, energy storage and advanced electronic application markets.

Perpetuus Advanced Materials CEO, John Buckland, said, “Our team have known and worked with Mr Shoji Hasegawa and Graphene Platform for a number of years. GPC understand that graphenes can be more effectively introduced into existing products, if they are supplied via ‘graphene-enabled intermediaries’, which are pre-designed to their customers’ production specifications. We are delighted that GPC have signed the Heads of Terms Agreement, and we now expect to make our first reactor sale outside of the UK once the License Agreement is signed.  We have great confidence in GPC’s ability to rapidly expand the sales of our functionalised graphenes in the Far East. This is a significant step in our ambition to quickly make our DBD Plasma Reactor technology the global standard for producing industrial quantities of functionalised graphenes”.

Graphene Platform Corporation CEO, Mr Shoji Hasegawa said, “Our mission is to spread the use of graphene materials, educating and encouraging our customers to adopt these ‘wonder materials’ in a variety of applications and electronic devices. Our primary goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality graphene materials and intermediaries as quickly as possible. Perpetuus’ latest DBD Plasma Reactor technology is essential to our ability to meet this goal”.


About Graphene Platform Corporation
Graphene Platform’s mission is to spread the use of graphene ‘super material’ and to encourage this wonder material’s adoption in commercial quantities for a variety of applications and electronic devices.

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Perpetuus Advanced Materials secures landmark commercial agreement with global technology group Heraeus

Perpetuus will supply innovative alternatives to existing silver and copper-based inks and pastes.

Perpetuus Advanced Materials (“Perpetuus”), a UK-based company at the forefront of advanced materials development, has entered into an exclusive commercial agreement with Heraeus, a leading international precious metals and technology group, headquartered in Hanau, Germany.

As part of this collaboration, Heraeus has completed quality control and customer feedback exercises based on Perpetuus nano carbon, low temperature, high conductivity, functionalized graphene-based inks. In conjunction with Perpetuus, Heraeus will now launch the new range of high quality, cost effective pastes. Production is set to commence immediately.

The Perpetuus Board believes that this agreement, combining advanced nano materials supplied by Perpetuus with Heraeus’ ability to manufacture inks and pastes on a large scale, represents the first global mass-market commercial application for plasma functionalized nano carbon enabled technologies.

John Buckland, CEO of Perpetuus Advanced Materials said, “I am proud to announce what I believe to be a world first in plasma processed advanced material enabled technology. With the New Materials economy now truly upon us and having seen large price fluctuations in silver since 2001, we are delighted that Heraeus has become the first business to offer their customers ‘conductive carbon’ alternatives using Perpetuus Advanced Material technology. We look forward to further developing our commercial relationship with Heraeus as we continue to work together to unlock the huge potential of this new generation of inks and pastes.”

David Malanga, the Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Heraeus Electronics Americas added, “Innovation has been a cornerstone for Heraeus for nearly 160 years and we look for strategic partnerships with companies whose vision is clearly focused on the future. Perpetuus has demonstrated their ability to produce some truly breakthrough pastes and inks, and we are looking forward to taking this innovation from the research lab into the real world to support our customers.”


Notes for editors

The Perpetuus plant in South Wales, UK, has a theoretical production capacity of more than 100 tonnes of graphenes per annum. Work-study experts Scott-Grant have independently verified plant production capacity in August 2014, with Grant Thornton in attendance.

Perpetuus functionalised graphene GNP’s, Stacks and Inks samples are available for pre-qualified student and researchers to aid their studies.

For further information contact:

Perpetuus Advanced Materials Technical Information –

Public Relations –

About Heraeus:

Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned company formed in 1851. It creates high-value solutions for their customers, strengthening their competitiveness for the long term.  Its activities focus on a number of markets: chemical and metals, energy and the environment, communications and electronics, health, mobility, and industrial applications. In fiscal year 2013, Heraeus achieved product revenue of €3.6 billion and precious metals trading revenue of €13.5 billion. With some 12,500 employees in over 110 subsidiaries worldwide, Heraeus holds a leading position in its global markets.



Perpetuus Graphene Stacks

Perpetuus Carbon Group announces commercial relationship with G24 Power

Press Release: 12th November 2014

UK based Perpetuus Carbon Group and G24 Power Ltd have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, a precursor to a full commercial partnership and manufacturing agreement.

Perpetuus are the world’s largest producer and supplier of high quality, functionalised graphenes. G24 are a world-renowned authority in the dye sensitized solar cell (DSSC) market, with expertise in the production of conductive, multifunctional, multilayer coated webs.

Using Perpetuus functionalised graphenes, G24 will produce to order a range of advanced graphene enabled components, in sheet or roll form. G24’s advanced manufacturing equipment enables production capacity of 1000’s of metres of components per month for areas such as:

  • Resistance heating
  • Bio-sensor platforms
  • Barrier packaging
  • Composite physical reinforcements
  • Water treatment
  • Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell
  • Thermal management and heat dissipation
  • EMI shielding
  • Electrodes for batteries and super capacitors
  • LI-AIR battery cathodes

Thermal conductivity of greater than 500 W/M°K along with surface resistivity of substantially less than 1 Ω/sq, can been achieved on rolls of material, produced at a specific thicknesses, on specified substrates, for components used in aerospace, marine, automotive, energy generation and energy storage industries.

graphene enabled coating equipment

Source: G24 Power – Roll to Roll Coating Equipment


Graphene Enabled Coating on 300mm Sheet

Source: G24 Power – Graphene Enabled Coating on 300mm Sheet

On 19-20th November 2014, Perpetuus and G24 will be exhibiting samples of some of these new graphene-enabled components at IDtechEx Graphene Live! and Printed Electronics USA 2014 in Santa Clara, California. Perpetuus and G24 technology experts will be available to discuss customer specifications and requirements.

John Buckland, CEO of Perpetuus Carbon Group said,

“We were impressed how quickly the technical team at G24 took our graphene enabled compounds and started producing components that can be used in so many exciting areas of industry. Their manufacturing equipment and scientists are first class and I have no doubt our partnership will quickly make us the world’s first manufacturer of graphene enabled components in many market sectors. This new relationship, together with other collaborations sets Perpetuus Carbon Group apart from our competitors as the only business truly able to commercially produce graphene enabled products. Our existing and soon to be expanded facility in South Wales, UK, has the capability to grow into the world’s first centre for manufacturing graphene enabled products. Taken together with exciting advances in R&D at the Institute of Graphene at Manchester University, we believe that George Osborne’s vision of the UK being the powerhouse of graphene technology will soon become a reality”.

Richard Costello, CEO of G24 Power said,

“G24 are known the world over for excellence in the field of DSSC PV technology. Our expertise in this regard has delivered a capability to produce high-speed, roll-to-roll, precision thickness coatings. Working with Perpetuus we have configured our production equipment to manufacture graphene-enabled coatings and films to precise specifications. We can therefore produce to order a range of components and applications for the automotive, aerospace, marine, electronics, as well as other market sectors. With Perpetuus producing commercial quantities of functionalised graphenes we are perfectly placed to supply the global market with these exciting new products.”

Notes for editors

Until recently graphene production has been limited to outputs of grams per week and as a consequence graphene remains one of the most expensive materials by weight known to man. When it comes to utilising graphene on a large scale, industry and researchers all over the world have been frustrated and often held back by the same problems – no large volume sources, no reliable suppliers of inexpensive, high quality materials and graphene’s tendency to agglomerate, which causes significant reduction in potential surface area, often meaning their graphenes cannot be processed.

The Perpetuus dielectric barrier discharge plasma method of production, overcomes the historical problems and now produces friable sub stacks of single, bi and tri-layer graphenes, with nano engineered surfaces, enhanced with the functionalities that provide both ease of dispersion and covalent bonding within any chosen matrix. The Perpetuus plant in South Wales, UK can provide more than 100 tonnes of graphenes per annum and is the only graphene production unit anywhere in the world, where its production capacity has been independently verified – a task that was undertaken by work-study experts Scott-Grant and Auditors Grant Thornton in August of this year.


About Perpetuus Carbon Group Ltd

For any company to be successful in the commercialisation of graphene materials they need to offer ALL the following features to a customer:

  • Functionalisation by implanting a variety of chemical groups onto and within graphenes to nano surface modify graphene to customer specifications.
  • Reliable and consistent supply of high quality graphenes for R&D.
  • Immediate availability of materials in grams and kilos.
  • Rapid delivery of tonnes rather than grams.
  • Production in Commercial quantities.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • An environmentally friendly production process (this will become more relevant as the industry expands).
  • Environmental impact studies and life cycle analysis on all outputs and by-products.
  • Comprehensive and reliable characterisation data.
  • Manageable, transportable, user-friendly graphene presented in ‘stacks’. (Graphenes as single layers are invisible to the naked eye and cannot be packaged or handled).

Perpetuus offer all the above to its customers. Perpetuus are not aware of any other business in the world who can offer the full range of these goods and services to its customers and therefore we believe, we, a British Company, are the world’s leading producer and supplier of high quality nano surfaced engineered graphenes.

For further information contact:

Public Relations –

Technical Information –


Industrial Collaboration with Cientifica Announced

Press Release: 2nd June 2014

Perpetuus Carbon Group announces a new industrial collaboration with Cientifica to develop graphene-based products.

UK Company, Perpetuus Carbon Group, the world’s largest producer of nano surface modified graphenes has entered into a development agreement with Cientifica PLC. Perpetuus will be exhibiting a number of graphene-based products, including Cientifica’s infrared heating technology at the 2nd Annual Graphene Supply, Application and Commercialisation Conference in Manchester.

The flat panel heaters (patent pending) make use of graphenes to emit infra red light at wavelengths precisely tailored for maximum comfort and minimum energy use. G-Heat infrared heating technology allows users to maintain the same levels of comfort, whilst using up to 70% less energy than conventional heaters.

Tim Harper, CEO of Cientifica PLC explained,

“For graphene enabled- products to be commercially viable, we had to find a company that can supply tonnes rather than grams per week, of consistent quality materials at competitive prices. Perpetuus will design the graphene-enabled components and then supply the materials we need to manufacture our products. Using a ‘partnering approach’ to the development process, we have been able to quickly incorporate the appropriate functionalised graphene material into our products. We believe this collaboration will allow us to bring forward the launch of our infra red heating product range by as much as three months.”

“As many of the graphene enabled applications under development at Cientifica are in environmental areas, health, safety, so life cycle analysis is of paramount importance. Perpetuus provide graphenes that have been produced in a dry, environmentally friendly manner, unlike many other graphene suppliers who use acids and surfactants, which leaves behind toxic by-products. We believe Cientifica customers want to understand the lifecycle and end of life issues associated with products made with advanced materials. Perpetuus’ work in this area is important to the future commercial success of Cientifica graphene enabled products”.

Perpetuus’ proprietary technology allows it to populate a variety of chemical groups onto and within the nano structure of graphenes to a customer’s precise specification and deliver in kilos and tonnes.

Ian Walters of Perpetuus commented,

“Working with third parties such as Cientifica allows us to develop other real-world graphene enabled commercial applications far quicker than would otherwise be possible. Employing a partnering approach with product manufacturers allows rapid iteration and speeds up the pace of product development.
Cientifica’s philosophy of ensuring their customers are aware of the environmental and safety issues is congruent with Perpetuus business values and we hope Cientifica can take full advantage of their first mover position. They have a long list of products they would like to bring to market and we hope we can play an effective role in their future plans”.

For further information contact:

Blytheweigh 020 7138 3204; Tim Blythe, Halimah Hussain, Alex Shilov


Graphenes with Carbon Nanotubes

£2.5m Gifted to Research Community

Press Release: 27th May 2014

Perpetuus Carbon Group to gift £2.5m of surface modified graphenes to the UK academic research community.

Perpetuus Carbon Group, the world’s leading producer and supplier of high quality graphenes, will gift up to 100kgs of surfaced engineered graphenes to the UK graphene academic research community.

Perpetuus will invite twenty pre-qualified academic research organisations to collect 5kg of high quality friable surface modified graphenes (with an estimated market value of up to £125,000 per 5kg gift) from their stand at the Graphene Commercialisation and Application Conference at Manchester University on the 12th and 13th June.

John Buckland, Chief Executive of Perpetuus, said:

“Using our proprietary (patent pending) plasma technology, Perpetuus is the only company in the world which can currently deliver nano surface modified graphenes, which consistently match customer specifications.

Contrary to popular belief, we believe it is the UK and not the Far East, that is at the cutting edge of industrial graphene production and Perpetuus is leading the way. We hope the scale and quality of this gift will show the true status of the UK graphene industry, Perpetuus’ position in it, and give UK academic researchers and Universities a tangible ‘fast forward’, in respect of their graphene commercialisation programmes.”

The recipients will be able to choose from a selection of surface modifications, including hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine, carboxyl and ‘zero functionalities’, depending on their area of research.

Perpetuus will also be unveiling at Manchester their current graphene enabled prototype applications and products, which includes an ITO replacement, electroluminescent lamps, cathodes for lithium sulphur batteries, together with possibly the world’s lightest guitar, which is an example of Perpetuus’ new graphene enabled carbon fibre.

Perpetuus looks forward to hearing from any academic organisations or University researchers in the field of graphene, who wish to be pre-qualified prior to the Graphene Commercialisation and Application Conference at Manchester University on the 12th and 13th June.

For further information contact:

Blytheweigh 020 7138 3204; Tim Blythe, Halimah Hussain, Alex Shilov

Perpetuus Graphene Stacks

Entering the Graphene Supply Market

Press Release: 17th February 2014

Perpetuus Carbon Technologies enters graphene supply market.

Perpetuus Carbon Technologies, a part of the Perpetuus Carbon Group based in Ammanford, South West Wales has entered the graphene supply market. Perpetuus have developed the largest environmentally friendly production facilities in Europe and are capable of producing 100 tonnes of high quality graphenes per annum. The business intends to extend its production capacity to 500 tonnes per annum by the end of the year.

Perpetuus specialises in manufacturing surface modified graphene materials to customer specifications. Whilst most producers can only sell functionalised graphene in grams, Perpetuus can provide 50kg batches within 48 hours, and tonne orders within 28 days.

All Perpetuus high quality graphene materials will be offered to customers at £50 per kilogram.

Perpetuus will officially launch its range of specialised surface modified graphenes, together with its application technology and a range of 21st century graphene enabled devices and components at Graphene: Commercialisation and Applications 2014 – Global Industry & Academia Collaboration Summit which takes place on the 25th/26th June 2014
at University Place, The University of Manchester.

Perpetuus Research and Development is the material and application development arm of the Perpetuus Carbon Group. It has made significant progress in developing, probably the most conductive graphene enabled carbon ink currently available in the world. It has also developed application prototype components such as transparent conductive flexible; transparent films capable of replacing ITO; stress strain actuators and printable coatable electrodes for use in lithium Ion batteries.

Perpetuus has invited The Engineer Magazine analysts to visit both its manufacturing, production and device development facilities to independently verify its production claims and authenticate its product development pipeline.

Perpetuus Carbon Group’s website is due to launch mid-March where customers will be able to order graphene materials online. Pre-launch orders will be available to pre-qualified customers. To promote, encourage and accelerate research and development, 100-gram research packs of surface engineered graphenes will be provided to pre-qualified academic students and researchers free of charge. Once the website goes live, students will be invited to register to receive details of this offer.

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