£2.5m Gifted to Research Community

Press Release: 27th May 2014

Perpetuus Carbon Group to gift £2.5m of surface modified graphenes to the UK academic research community.

Perpetuus Carbon Group, the world’s leading producer and supplier of high quality graphenes, will gift up to 100kgs of surfaced engineered graphenes to the UK graphene academic research community.

Perpetuus will invite twenty pre-qualified academic research organisations to collect 5kg of high quality friable surface modified graphenes (with an estimated market value of up to £125,000 per 5kg gift) from their stand at the Graphene Commercialisation and Application Conference at Manchester University on the 12th and 13th June.

John Buckland, Chief Executive of Perpetuus, said:

“Using our proprietary (patent pending) plasma technology, Perpetuus is the only company in the world which can currently deliver nano surface modified graphenes, which consistently match customer specifications.

Contrary to popular belief, we believe it is the UK and not the Far East, that is at the cutting edge of industrial graphene production and Perpetuus is leading the way. We hope the scale and quality of this gift will show the true status of the UK graphene industry, Perpetuus’ position in it, and give UK academic researchers and Universities a tangible ‘fast forward’, in respect of their graphene commercialisation programmes.”

The recipients will be able to choose from a selection of surface modifications, including hydrogen, nitrogen, fluorine, carboxyl and ‘zero functionalities’, depending on their area of research.

Perpetuus will also be unveiling at Manchester their current graphene enabled prototype applications and products, which includes an ITO replacement, electroluminescent lamps, cathodes for lithium sulphur batteries, together with possibly the world’s lightest guitar, which is an example of Perpetuus’ new graphene enabled carbon fibre.

Perpetuus looks forward to hearing from any academic organisations or University researchers in the field of graphene, who wish to be pre-qualified prior to the Graphene Commercialisation and Application Conference at Manchester University on the 12th and 13th June.

For further information contact:

Blytheweigh 020 7138 3204; Tim Blythe, Halimah Hussain, Alex Shilov